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How do you deal with higher safety standards? Air carriers, airports, MRO’s and business aviation are being required to demonstrate their compliance with national and international standards, Safety Management rules, and new oversight.

How do you manage the tracking, follow-up, management and analysis issues as you enhance your safety management credentials and get to higher SMS standards.

Connecting the issues to start to predict hazards is an industry challenge.

You need to bring together disparate information often from different sources – a challenge to most organizations – and that is what we deliver

  • Deliver improvements to the bottom line
  • Increase operational readiness
  • Manage investigations and related costs
  • Manage Audits and Corrective Action
  • Enable your safety culture

Sextant Readings Solutions works with organizations to acquire and implement the optimal Safety, Risk, Compliance and Quality management solution that fits their budget and their corporate culture.  One type of Safety Management Solution does not fit all organizations.  Our expertise helps you select and implement the best one for your environment.

Contact us to discuss your requirements in 

Safety, Risk, Quality and Compliance management. Sextant Readings Solutions is an IS-BAO Support Services Affiliate, IS-BAO safety consultant, and Auditor. 


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