Aviation Audit Management

Aviation Audit Management

“Data based decision making is one of the most important facets of any management system” ICAO SMM (Doc9859) 3rd Ed, Chpt 2

Auditing throughout the aviation industry is a mandatory task to ensure that airline operators and maintenance companies are performing to the strict regulations set out by the governing bodies. Audits are performed regularly throughout the aviation industry and contribute to complying with standards as well as identifying shortfalls and areas of improvement.

Audit Management software as part of a SMS Information Management solution provides the ability to check a proposed audit plan for coverage, completeness and availability before finalizing schedules, automatically creating and updating the audit calendar. Past audit reports and historical data and status of all previous audit and CA/PA findings are available for review. Audit checklists can be created, exported and imported to and from external sources and audit packs can be created as points of reference.

A trail of departments visited, people spoken to and processes checked etc simplifies the creation of the audit report. Positive findings and opportunities for improvement are included, individual records created for each finding and the audit report agreed, formalized and tracked to conclusion through the system.

By continually monitoring the status of each audit action from when it is raised until closure, it ensures the compliance management system is properly maintained, managed and that the status of each audit action is monitored. The audit is integrated with email systems to offer point-of-need access to audit records direct from automatic email notifications of upcoming or overdue events or actions.

The Audit Management solution provides a closed loop system from scheduling through planning, conducting and following up of audits in a manner that supports organization-wide improvement.

The solution can also deliver the standardization and streamlining of continuous compliance, required by the IOSA Enhanced Audit program. A SMS Information Management solution enables carriers to manage continuity, conformance, and their on-going status between audits. This will allow carriers to clearly identify how they are performing and areas that require attention.


The Audit Management solution should be accessible via desktop, internet or mobile device, enabling auditors to complete checklists and record document findings while on-site at the point of need.
The objectives of Audit Management are to:

  • Provide a central repository for all Audit Management information that allows the demonstration of compliance with minimum overheads and disruption
  • Manage internal, external and 3rd party audits across a specific or variety of compliance management systems
  • Identify potential improvements in systems, processes, equipment, material and people
  • Report both positive audit results as well as managing actions and findings through to conclusion
  • Manage the complete audit lifecycle from scheduling, planning and conducting to reporting and following up actions through to conclusion.
  • Manage audits offline, providing the import and export of data to record and perform audits remotely

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