Helicopter SMS Software

We work with operators to select and implement the optimal solution to manage for helicopter operations SMS and quality regulatory obligations.

Across the globe, helicopter operators are being asked to enhance quality and safety levels to comply with national and international regulations. Furthermore, help the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) has recommended that operators and MROs implement helicopter Safety Management Systems (SMS). Specifically, IHST state that a helicopter SMS should be built around four elements of safety activities:

  • Safety Policy
  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Safety Promotion

Operators require a robust solution that will reduce the administrative burden of managing the quality and safety commitments.

We work with our helicopter customers to ensure that the helicopter SMS software has been specifically engineered to satisfy regulatory requirements and deliver improvement opportunities. Helicopter operators can record the whole range of internal, customer and regulatory audits. Non-conformance data from mandatory occurrence reports (MORs) can be captured and resulting investigations coordinated.

For each of our customers, we customize the implementation to streamline existing processes benefiting the organization with a greatly improved workload management that improves efficiency throughout. A good SMIS reduces bureaucracy, improves the efficiency of quality and safety management and highlights improvement areas throughout the organization.

Contact us to discuss Safety, Risk, Quality and Compliance management. Sextant Readings Solutions is an IS-BAO Support Services Affiliate, IS-BAO safety consultant, and Auditor.