Our Vision

admin-ajax.phpIntegrated safety, quality, risk and compliance management

Gain control | Eliminate duplication of effort | Minimize bureaucracy

Bob Trevelyan, Sextant Readings’ President says “we believe that technology can improve safety, quality, risk and compliance without adding layers of bureaucracy. It can help us identify gaps in processes and controls and encourage us to take action. The days of islands of data are long gone and today it is essential that systems interact with each other to minimize duplication of effort, reduce errors and demonstrate control and compliance effectively.”

Trend direction

  • Safety Reporting and Investigation solutions were developed in support of FAA, IS-BAO and ICAO SMS demands
  • Mobile solutions were designed in light of the acceptance of such devices within the aviation community to assist with auditing and document management
  • A SMS Data Management solution helps staff understand risk, lets management have complete oversight of their risk profile and provides the risk professional with a comprehensive solution to manage the complete risk lifecycle.
  • A SMS Data Management solution should be integrated with Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) providers, Fatigue Risk Management Systems and enabled our customers to share their data to other 3rd party operations, such as ASIAS, ASRS, IATA’s STEADES, and ECCAIRS


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