Small Business Solution

Safety management is critical, no matter the size of your organization!

“Data based decision making is one of the most important facets of any management system” ICAO Safety Management Manual  (Doc9859) 3rd Ed, Chapter 2

Our aviation customer base is global and covers many types of organizations and industries as well as a variety of organizational sizes. This include carriers, business jets, airports, MRO’s, ground handlers as well as aviation authorities and air traffic control.

Our Small Business Solution is a tailored solution that meets and exceeds your expectations in the management of SMS. It will help you manage any industry standard enabling you to work smarter and more effectively and efficiently.

With smaller aviation organizations in mind, the Small Business Solution is a package designed specifically to help companies who are looking for a proven, robust, powerful solution to move their manual SMS process into a software environment. From the start, safety processes will be managed together with the recognition of compliance with any industry standard – including IOSA, ICAO, ISAGO, EASA, FAA, ACSF and IS-BAO.

What is the Small Business Solution?

The Small Business Solution is a software based solution designed specifically for smaller aviation organizations, enabling them to implement their Safety Management System in a short time frame with pre-defined industry standard reports and fields. The solution does not sacrifice on functionality, is cost effective and is totally scalable to organizational growth.


What are the benefits?

We recognize that, in a cost conscious environment, smaller organizations require a solution that enables them to be commercially competitive. There are a number of solutions available to not only will manage an SMS for compliance purposes but will enable the organization to manage every aspect of their business related to safety and procedure under one focused solution. These solutions are generally scaleable, allowing the software to grow within your organization as you benefit from becoming more effective and efficient in your day-to-day processes and long term strategies.

We are here to help you select the optimal solution for your needs encouraging you to become proactive and helping the  organization work more efficiently and effectively to improve safety and working practices.

Our solutions will address issues facing the aviation industry and proactively manage improvement opportunities, freeing up resources to encourage you to focus on what’s important.

Our vision is to:

Small business solution


As with all SMS Information Management solutions, there is a large degree of customization available that will help tailor the solution to meet your organization’s needs.

How do I get started?

To learn more about this solution and how we can help your organization achieve better safety management, get in touch with us below.and efficient in your day-to-day processes and long term strategies.

Contact us to discuss Safety, Risk, Quality and Compliance management solutions. Sextant Readings Solutions is an IS-BAO Support Services Affiliate, IS-BAO safety consultant, and Auditor.