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Focus on Quality Management Systems

“Data based decision making is one of the most important facets of any management system” ICAO SMM (Doc9859) 3rd Ed, Chapter 2

A quality program oversees and measures compliance to standards – both internal (checklists, procedures, manuals and policies) and external (standards, regulation and law). The aviation industry must adhere to numerous rules and regulations in order to satisfy the various global governing bodies globally. A Quality Management System (QMS) can become integral to an organization in managing the day-to-day activities and processes that contribute to the successful satisfaction of any aviation regulatory requirements.

A QMS is based around the principle of continuous improvement and has 3 main components:

Audit Management

Managing a robust internal audit program can be a daunting task. Add in external and third party audits and quality assurance can become a time consuming and expensive task. We offer solutions to manage the entire audit process to ensure audits are conducted efficiently and in a controlled manner, including:

  • Audit scheduling
  • Checklist compilation
  • Question banks
  • Scoring
  • Audit report management and completion
  • Follow-up and corrective action tracking
  • Audit archive for future reference and audit planning


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Document Management

Documents are the primary communication method within an organization, ensuring policies, procedures and standards are distributed and followed correctly by the entire workforce. Efficient document management is severely challenged by complicated and diverse processes, differences in staff roles and responsibilities, departments and geographical locations and the regulatory environment governing the workplace. A good SMIS provides the ability to store any document, regardless of format in a central repository. Through defined permissions, documents are assigned to individuals to review, acknowledge and change. Everyone can be confident that they are accessing the latest revision



Corrective Action Tracking and Trending

Administrative management of proactive and reactive safety and quality activities can be time consuming and labor intensive. Manually tracking the status of actions, escalations, individual follow-up and review of effectiveness is bureaucratic and inefficient. SMIS solutions provide the tools to assign, track, approve and close corrective actions no matter the source.

We provide the tools to effectively manage a quality program through the collection, dissemination, oversight and analysis of quality related information as defined by ISO 9000 standards

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