Risk Management

A SMS Information Management solution for managing Risk

Define, share and focus on what’s important

Executive management has ultimate responsibility for effective risk management in any organization. However, many careers have been destroyed as a result of organizations failing to make appropriate information available to enable leaders to make effective operational and strategic business critical decisions.

A SMS Data Management solution differs from traditional risk management software solutions as it enables organizations to proactively manage risk through integration with intelligence made available from other systems within the organization, providing the ability to manage risk in real time.

In addition a SMS Data Management solution uses outstanding visualizations to promote:

  • Widespread understanding of risk across the organization – from the most junior to the most senior
  • Effective management oversight of all risks and the effectiveness of controls in place
  • An understanding of the impact and extent of change to any controls
  • The sharing of lessons learned and disseminating best practice across the entire organization

Most importantly a SMS Information Management solution provides the ability to learn and share lessons learned across multi-site and geographically diverse organizations, ensuring intelligence is spread and adopted across the entire organization. This safeguards against incidents re-occurring, allowing risks to be managed consistently with best practice shared and each location provided with an ability to adapt to fit their local surroundings.

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