7 Reasons to move GIS to the cloud

7 Reasons to Move GIS to the Cloud

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Neill Jobe, Vice President, GeoJobe GIS Consulting writes:

7 reasons to move GIS to the cloud GEO-Jobe GIS ConsultingFlexibility
This enables an organization to plan for the unknown. As the need for more bandwidth, storage, and users increase, an organization can easily leverage the necessary assets without replacing their existing infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery
In the old days when some event caused servers to stop working, then so did work. With Cloud technology, an organization minimizes downtime from overseen events, and also has a simple disaster-recovery plan in place.

Increase Collaboration
With the proper authentication, the knowledge workers can utilize the data and work from anywhere. An organization can now utilize the same data from office to field, and have all edits sync together seamlessly.

Automatic Software Updates
Software gets old and outdated. With Cloud technology, an organization never has to worry about updating their resources again. This allows them to embrace the best technology, and not be version-locked into a antiquated solution.

Utilize the solutions you want without needing to hire an additional 3 people to setup the environment. With the Cloud your organization can leverage the right solutions at a rapid pace with reduced complexity.

Capital Expenditures Free
Pay for what you need; when you need it. When using the Cloud you an organization can eliminate the costs associated with deploying a solution on premises and supporting it.

Access from Anywhere
Your organization uses computers, phones, and tablets, right? Then why limit yourself to one medium? When using the GEOPowered Cloud with ArcGIS Online you can get the data exactly where you want it, when you want it.