Airport SMS


Airport SMS

Sextant Readings Solutions - airportsAirports across the world are using Q-Pulse to streamline safety, risk and quality management processes. FAA Part 139 Airports benefit from Q-Pulse supporting Daily Inspection, Self Inspection, Annual Audit, Emergency response planning, Personnel and Asset management.

Q-Pulse provides enhanced safety levels, mitigates risk and encourages an overall safety culture across the airport facility, in line with ICAO Safety Management System (SMS) requirements.

ICAO Annex 14 demands that member states introduce regulations to ensure aerodromes have an effective SMS in place. ICAO recommends that airports base their SMS around four main components:

  • Safety Policy
  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Risk
  • Safety Promotion

By implementing Ideagen Gael’s Q-Pulse as their Quality, Safety and Compliance management solution, airports have a framework to use as the foundation to their SMS needs, allowing airport operators to meet the ICAO’s requirements effectively and efficiently. Through Q-Pulse, they have a single point of reference to manage all compliance activities, eliminating duplication of records and effort. Policies, processes and work instructions are controlled, managed and distributed with a minimum effort and with full visibility of any outstanding actions. Safety related events are captured into one system for investigation and analysis to allow identification of risk and resultant mitigating/corrective/preventive action(s). Internal, Customer or Regulator Audits can be scheduled, planned, conducted and reported with actions requiring follow-up being managed as required. A view of outstanding actions is always available to ensure compliance activities are being completed on time and effectively. Risk management, supplier and staff competency can also be managed effectively through Q-Pulse providing the ideal oversight of your compliance activities and status.

For each of our customers, Q-Pulse is customized to streamline existing processes benefiting the organization with a greatly improved workload management that improves efficiency throughout. During the last decade, as regulators have introduced SMS guidance, Ideagen Gael has worked closely with the aviation community to develop solutions that help integrate quality, safety and risk management processes and information in order to reduce bureaucracy, identify improvement opportunities and improve overall safety and quality levels.