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Why SMS Lift?

SMS Lift is a training solution to address the largest challenge in safety management system implementation that faces flight departments today: employee engagement. This course, designed to be self-facilitated and conducted at your pace, contains all the components for a small to medium flight department to capitalize on all the time and effort spent establishing an SMS. This easy to understand and facilitate course will demonstrate to your entire staff their important roles and responsibilities within this system.  It is not an explanation of an SMS program, but rather a demonstration of the complexity of the system and the critical roles each employee plays within the SMS.

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Excerpts from the Course Material

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Let Convergent Performance elevate your existing SMS to new heights with the aviation industry’s #1 training courseware solution: SMS Lift.  This boxed collection includes:

  • An introductory lesson and a wrap-up lesson
  • Four two-hour lessons based on the Four Pillars of SMS
    • Safety Policy
    • Safety Risk Management
    • Safety Assurance
    • Safety Promotion
  • DVD that includes eight videos designed to facilitate learning
  • Comprehensive resource library
  • One step-by-step Instructor Guide to facilitate program implementation
  • Ten Participant Handbooks
  • Eleven personal Spheres of Safety Influence exercise forms
  • SMS Lift Capture Form, a form used to note lessons learned during the course
  • Manager’s Challenge and other additional resources

Order from our online store! The SMS Lift boxed collection includes enough class materials for 10 participants. Additional participant materials are available for purchase for larger class sizes. For large flight departments, bulk orders can be arranged. Contact us for details. For more information: SMS Lift Flyer For an introduction to the program (on YouTube): long version