Air Carrier Certification

We focus on all necessary regulatory tasks associated with initiating the certification process through helping to ensure that the air carriers’ goal of commencing operations without delay.

We use sound project management principles, including the development of an comprehensive Project Plan, the assignment of key tasks to Sextant Readings staff, and consultations with the air carrier’s 14 CFR Part 119 management team. We include within the project plan the steps and tasks to launch certification efforts with the FAA, acquire key management personnel, and build the foundation for airline-operations infrastructure and process design.

Preparing an air carrier for certification includes integrating system safety principles into airline organizations. Certification efforts can be broadly channeled into two distinct paths, one focusing on economic fitness and the other on safety. Sextant Readings consulting staff is focused on synchronizing both pathways with the Department of Transportation (DOT), Office of the Secretary of Transportation and the FAA.