Risk Integration

Sextant Readings Solutions - Integration


An effective SMS Information Management solution has the ability and framework to be successfully integrated with other software systems – allowing organizations to link their existing business systems with the risk management solution.

The integration is achieved by utilizing APIs, allowing organizations to seamlessly operate a series of existing systems concurrently with the SMS Information Management solution for increased benefit. Indeed, if there is intelligent data being stored on a standalone system within your organization, it would make sense to integrate this system with a SMS Information Management solution.

An effective SMS Information Management solution can be integrated to ensure your risk management is effective and allowing you to make the right preventive decisions before it is too late. For example, when reviewing a risk control linked to a procedure, The SMS Information Management solution provides you with a summary that highlights key information such as non-conformances, review dates and audit dates and links to documents, assets, incidents and non-conformances to provide the information you need to assess your system.