Senior Management Guidance (Part 119)

For new-entrant air carrier applicants Sextant Readings provides project management during the FAA’s Air Carrier certification process . For 14 CFR Part 121, we will develop your business plan, define project milestones according to the FAA’s current Certification Program Document, and provide end-to-end support throughout all phases of certification.

For existing certificate holders, Sextant Readings provides a wide range of operations and airworthiness expertise to support changes to a business model. Introducing new aircraft, changes to areas of operation, contract maintenance, and certificate merging are just a few examples of the dynamics of the aviation industry. Sextant Readings provides support to all certificate holders by applying effective change management during these challenging events.

For new or existing operators under 14 CFR Part 125, 135, and Part 91 Subpart K, our System Safety experts have a formula for applying, documenting, and training to new standards in operations and fleet management.