Safety Management System Design

SMS is comprised of essentially four interlocking components: Safety Policy, Safety Risk Assessment, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion.

Safety Policy establishes senior management’s commitment to continually improve safety. This commitment defines the wherewithal, methods, processes, and organizational structure needed to meet the required safety goals.

Safety Risk Management evaluates then implements risk controls based upon what the organization considers an acceptable level of risk to be. This component documents and assesses existing risk control measures.

Safety Assurance serves to measure the effectiveness of the risk control strategies that have been implemented, along with the identification of developing hazards. The assurance process ensures closed-loop processes are in place to support the Policy.

Safety Promotion consists of the adoption throughout the organization of the principles of safety management, and includes training, communication, and other associated initiatives necessary to create and maintain a positive safety culture in the organization.

Sextant Readings brings the team, processes, software and services together to deliver – with you – a unique and resolute Safety Management culture. We bring the required processes and procedures, the information management component and the application of best practices in Safety that enable your organization to adopt and live Safety Management.  Built on Quality Management successes, our approach is to extend traditional Quality practices to living a culture of Safety in all aspects of your organization.