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Management Oversight

While executives have ultimate responsibility for risk and safety, it is not always practical for them to know or be aware of all the detail. They typically rely on appointed staff to provide them with reports to satisfy themselves that risk and safety is managed effectively.

An effective SMS Information management solution provides key insight into the risk management system to provide executives with status reports, outstanding actions, alerts and gap analysis.

A dashboard facility is available to bring focus to what needs closer scrutiny. The dashboard is flexible, allowing each individual user to determine the information that is of relevance to them.

Action management highlights actions pending and those overdue. Workflow management provides the ability to route information across the business as appropriate. Escalation management is provided to alert where the management system is not been responded to.

A comprehensive range of standard reports is further complemented with an intuitive report designer, enabling users to create and add to the library reports they find of interest.

All management systems generate reviews of systems, processes, people and risk assessments. These are managed with all relevant staff made aware of their responsibilities.

Intelligence from other sources of information within the business, can be made available in in an effective SMS Information Management solution to get closer to real time risk assessment, test assumptions and further strengthen the management system. An effective SMS Information Management solution must be a very open system, and is designed to share information with other sources of intelligence within an organization.


Alexandria, VA, April 18, 2013 — The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is pleased to announce that Best Jets International is the newest charter operator to join the ACSF. Along with 101 other companies, Best Jets now supports the ACSF’s vision to enable on-demand air charter providers and fractional program managers to achieve the highest levels of safety in the aviation industry.

Best Jets, one of the first charter operators to participate in the ACSF Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), offers aircraft management and charter services and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Our company believes in safety as a core value in every aspect of our operations,” said Best Jets International Director of Operations, Larry Gregg. “We are extremely proud of our employee commitment to safety and quality.”

“Becoming a member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation and participating in our ASAP program affirms the importance that Best Jets has placed on safety in the workplace and for their clients,” said ACSF President Bryan Burns.

Jet Edge International Enhances Fleet with Addition of Gulfstream GV

Press release  March 28, 2013, 9:03 a.m. EDT

LOS ANGELES, Mar 28, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Jet Edge International, one of the fastest-growing large cabin aircraft       management and charter companies in the U.S., has announced the addition of a Gulfstream GV aircraft with worldwide WIFI. The new addition will compliment the current Jet Edge GV fleet and be solely dedicated to charter. In addition to the GV, Jet Edge will receive a G650 in early 2014, which will also be dedicated to charter.

“Jet Edge is extremely pleased to add another GV aircraft to our fleet. Our fleet growth is a testament to our seasoned operational team, safety systems and internal sales culture. We’re proud to provide our clients with one of the largest fleets of well-appointed Gulfstream aircraft in the world,” said Bill Papariella, president of Jet Edge International.

The new GV has 13 seats and a private aft cabin bedroom suite that includes a large aft lavatory, as well as a walk-in closet. The jet also has sleeping accommodations for three in the forward cabin, a comprehensive full-sized forward galley, forward lavatory, and an extensive entertainment system featuring Air Show and worldwide Wi-Fi. The Jet Edge charter fleet consists of GV, G450, GIVSP, GIV, GIII, and G200 large cabin aircraft located within the United States and China. Jet Edge will also be adding a GIV and GIVSP early in the second quarter of 2013, as well as two new Gulfstream 280s in 2013. Jet Edge moved to a wholesale charter model in mid-2012, which allows the company to serve the broader sales distribution network in the United States and return greater ROI to their aircraft owners

“Our mission since acquiring the company in August 2011 has been to generate a safe, reliable and charter-friendly fleet of large cabin aircraft in strategic locations across the globe. By sticking to the model of ‘like aircraft,’ it provides our sales distribution network with reliability, mechanical recovery and ease of booking, and our owners get unique charter revenue opportunities unlike those available with a ‘home base’ sales approach,” said Papariella.

About Jet Edge International

Jet Edge International, a Bard Capital Company, has quickly become a leader in private aviation and one of the fastest-growing, full-service integrated large cabin jet management and service companies in the world. Jet Edge International offers individuals and companies 365-day-a-year guaranteed access to one of most diverse and state of the art large cabin and super mid-size jet fleets in the world, with unparalleled and award-winning safety programs. Jet Edge International also offers aircraft management, charter management, on-demand charter, aircraft acquisition and sales, and maintenance services. The Jet Edge leadership team’s aviation expertise spans flight operations, charter management, aircraft sales, marketing, and maintenance management. For more information on Jet Edge International, please visit SOURCE: Jet Edge International

Trends on Rotorcraft Safety in the current FAA Safety Briefing provides good insight

  • Lee Roskop, an operations research analyst in the FAA Rotorcraft Directorate, has written an excellent article in the current March/April) of the FAA Safety Briefing.

He says “The trend in U.S. rotorcraft accidents in 2012 reinforced the message that the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST), the government, and the rotorcraft industry groups have communicated for years; that is, too many helicopter accidents occur in three industry sectors: personal/private, instructional/ training, and aerial application.”

He also comments that “The data and analysis from 2012 paint a clear picture of the problem.”

The accident trend continues even though IHST, the FAA, other government groups, and the rotorcraft industry have reinforced the message that pilots and operators need to take steps to ensure safer flights.

See the article at What’s Trending in Rotorcraft Safety?

XOJET Creates Alliance with Travel Management Company to Expand Fleet with Light and Mid-Size Jets


SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 11, 2013 —

XOJET, Inc., the leader in private aviation services, today announced an alliance with Travel Management Company (TMC) that will effectively expand XOJET’s fleet to include TMC’s fleet of 24 Hawker 400XP light jets and 30 Hawker 800XP mid-size jets. The agreement allows XOJET to commercially integrate the TMC fleet and provides for operational cooperation between TMC and XOJET. XOJET clients will now have seamless access to the largest floating fleet of light, mid-size and super-mid-size private jets dedicated to on-demand charter.

“We are proud to team with Travel Management Company,” said Brad Stewart, CEO of XOJET. “Scott Wise and his colleagues at TMC have built one of the most-respected operations in the industry. Moreover, TMC and XOJET are the perfect complements. Our fleets, operational capabilities, and business approach align perfectly. This alliance is another key step on our quest to create the highest-quality integrated service platform in the industry.”

“XOJET is one of the premier brands in private aviation and has been a fantastic customer of ours over the years,” said Scott Wise, General Manager of Travel Management Company. “TMC is excited to expand our business opportunities with XOJET. With the largest privately owned fleet of Hawker 400XP and 800XP jets, TMC’s fleet will perfectly complement the XOJET fleet of super-mid-size jets allowing XOJET customers to choose the best aircraft for every flight.”

For XOJET clients, the TMC fleet will essentially become an extension of XOJET’s own fleet, making even more aircraft available for XOJET fixed-price charter flights between 22,000 popular airport pairs as well as for custom charter flights. Fixed-price charter pricing for all three plane types for flights to the most popular private aviation destinations is available on In addition, clients requesting quotes will be presented with pricing for all three plane types so that they have the option to choose which option will best suit their needs.

The extended fleet of light, mid-size, and super-mid-size jets will also be included in the popular XOJET Preferred Access(TM) program. “XOJET Preferred Access is the most flexible program available to sophisticated private fliers,” added XOJET’s Stewart. “Giving Preferred Access fliers access to three fleet types in the same program–with no interchanges fees and the ability to use the plane they need, when they need it–makes XOJET Preferred Access the easiest, most comprehensive program in the industry.”

As part of the agreement, XOJET will sell its fleet of seven Hawker 800XP aircraft to TMC in order to focus on the growth and continued enhancement of its customized fleet of super-mid-size Citation X and Challenger 300 aircraft. The XOJET Hawker 800XP pilots will remain with the company and will transition to its growing fleet of super-mid-size aircraft. XOJET will continue to expand its fleet of Citation X and Challenger 300 aircraft and is set to add an additional four super-mid-size aircraft over the next several months. “We launched our Hawker 800XP program a little more than a year ago and it has exceeded our expectations,” said David Cox, XOJET’s Chief Operating Officer. “I am so proud of our incredible team of people, from finance to operations to pilots, who worked together to make it a success. This success enabled us to craft our alliance with TMC, a company that shares our high standards for performance, reliability and safety.”


XOJET, a TPG portfolio company founded in 2006, has become one of the fastest-growing private aviation companies in history, serving more than 5,000 customers worldwide. Our unique business model combines flexible private jet programs, and fixed-price charter with a singular focus on providing the highest level of customer service at every point of the client’s experience. XOJET’s commitment to safety leadership has earned the highest safety ratings in the industry. XOJET is the only business aviation provider to rank either #1 or #2 in all twelve ARG/US Platinum safety rating categories. XOJET is the first and only private aviation operator to enable its entire fleet of Citation X and Challenger 300 jets with complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi Internet connectivity. XOJET is also an active member of the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Presidents Council. For more information, please visit .

About TMC

Travel Management Company (TMC) is a privately owned, full-service air charter company that owns and operates a fleet of 55 luxurious aircraft, strategically positioned throughout North America. With an ARG/US Platinum safety rating, TMC operates light and mid-size jets, including the industry’s largest privately owned fleet of Hawker 400XP and Wi-Fi enabled Hawker 800/850XP aircraft. TMC blends newer aircraft and excellent service at a competitive price for both one-way and round trip destinations.

Source: XOJET


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